about us

Sebesta Apothecary Owner Headshot SquareHi there, I'm Kim - Nature lover, scuba diver, gardener, adventure seeker and all around do-it-yourselfer. I live in Minneapolis with my husband and dog. Our adventures come in all shapes in sizes, from biking around our beautiful city, camping up North, hiking the mountains to the West or taking a dip in any clear blue ocean. 

Sebesta Apothecary is a fun hobby turned amazing full time gig. The items here in my shop are a collection of things I had been making for years, since I was unable to find what I wanted in the bath and beauty aisles of my local store. Sharing my handcrafted creations with friends and family, I quickly realized that I was not alone.

I have had a chance to perfect the recipes making them deep cleaning, soothing and rejuvenating. What I put into my products are ingredients that I feel good about having in my home and on my body. They’re natural, eco-friendly and wholesome. Even the packaging, which I put a lot of effort into ensuring is either reusable, recyclable or (my favorite) bio-degradable! 

Take a look around, the offerings may change with what is in season or what I am currently experimenting with, but there will always be something for everyone. Let me know if you have any questions about any of the products or are interested in any custom orders. 

-Kim Sebesta

All website images done by Kristen Olson at Quincy Street Kitchen in Minneapolis, MN.

All website videos done by Bre McGee at Uncommon Collaborative in Minneapolis, MN.