moisturizing face serum
moisturizing face serum

moisturizing face serum

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Lightweight non-greasy face moisturizer, great for morning under makeup or night prior to bed. Recipe designed to promote skin restoration and repair, preventing dry skin and acne.

1 oz reusable or recyclable glass bottle with dropper.

Vegan. Cruelty-Free.


Jojoba oil, Hemp oil, Carrot seed seed, Evening primrose oil, Vitamin E and Aloe vera powder.


Apply a thin layer (5-10 drops) to face, neck, and chest, morning or evening.


Q: When do I use this?

A: We apply a thin layer on our face and neck in the morning, under make-up to leverage the mild-sunscreen properties. We also will apply again before bed, as a light moisturizer in the summer.

Q: Why is this serum green?

A: One of the ingredients is hemp seed oil which has a clear green tint to it.

Q: Is hemp oil legal? Does it contain THC/CBD?

A: Yes, hemp oil is legal, it is made from cold pressing hemp seeds. No, there is no THC/CBD in hemp seed oil.
THC/CBD components are derived either from the hemp plant (CBD) or the cannabis plant (THC). Hemp oil is a great resource, the oil is amazing for topical use on your skin, and it is a wonderful cooking oil too. Also, hemp plants are actually really really good for the environment, they are more efficient at offsetting carbon dioxide than trees!