introduction to soap making workshop - cold process

introduction to soap making workshop - cold process

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Workshops are socially distanced and attendees are encouraged to wear masks. 

Workshop Description: In this workshop you will learn to make cold-process soap safely and with confidence. This introductory class covers ingredients; safety procedures; basic formulation theory, and cold process soap making. Create a batch (4 large bars) of soap scented with optional essential oils of your choosing, perfect for gifts and personal use. Our workshops are hands-on soap-making - meaning that after your instructor demonstrates the process and safety procedures used, YOU become the soap-maker!

Choose from the available dates listed above and details will be emailed to you shortly, we have a max of 6 people per time/date. If none of these options work, please contact us to set up a private workshop!  

Workshop details: 

Min # participants: 2
Max # participants: 6
Class length: 2 hrs
Minimum age: 16
Location: Studio Q (1310 Quincy St NE Studio #1, Minneapolis, MN 55413), a very large and open space that is safe for social distancing and great for workshops

This workshop is intended as an introduction to soap making procedures to make cold process soap from scratch. We will cover:

  • The history of making soap from scratch
  • Basic soap chemistry
  • Safety precautions working with lye (sodium hydroxide)
  • Measuring, mixing and monitoring temperatures
  • Soap molds, liners and other necessary equipment
  • Demonstration of making soap
  • Essential oil blending
  • You will make your first batch of soap, which you will take home

    How does this differ from the Hot Process Workshop

    There are several methods of soap making, each having their own benefits. While we briefly discuss all methods in each workshop, we don’t discuss the other methods in depth. We suggest you choose which workshop to attend based on the type of soap you wish to make. Both workshops are introductory and will provide you with a great base of knowledge in soap making.

    • Cold process takes less up front time but needs much more time to cure prior to use. 
    • Hot process takes longer initially to make but is ready to use immediately.

    Still not sure? Reach out, we can help!

    Looking for something more advanced? We just launched our Advanced Soap Making Workshop here!

    Preparing for class:

    • Come excited and open to learn
    • Think about an essential oil mix you would like for your soap
    • Please wear old clothes in case of splatter - long sleeves (not flowy), full length pants and closed toed shoes.
    • Be aware that after receiving safety instructions and guidance about the protective gear you should always wear (safety goggles, etc), you must sign a Liability Waiver for us before being allowed around ‘lye’ and the production area.

    Take homes & handouts:

    • Cold Process Soap Worksheet
    • Soap batch card
    • Custom batch of soap, made by you - 4 bars

    *The workshop fee includes lecture, demonstration; all supplies and materials needed to make a batch of soap (oils, butters, lye, essential oils, safety goggles, gloves and aprons).

    Cancellation Policy:

    • If the workshop does not have enough participants, class will be canceled at least 5 days before class and paid students will receive a full refund. 
    • Our workshops are planned for small groups of up to 6 participants, and often require us to turn away additional participants when the workshops fill.
    • Should you need to cancel your attendance - for any reason - please let us know as soon as possible. If we can fill your space prior to 7 days before the workshop, you will receive a refund of your payment minus a $25 non-refundable deposit. If we cannot fill your space at that point, you will receive half of your original payment returned via payment method received.
    • If you give us less than 7 days notice or just don’t show up for the workshop(s), no refund or credit will be given.
    • You are welcome to send someone else in your place if you cannot attend yourself, just let us know!

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