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Magnesium is essential for our bodies to function properly, but these days our diets are full of processed foods that don't provide us with the Magnesium we need. Side effects of lower levels of this powerful mineral range from insomnia to anxiety, restless leg syndrome, and much more.

This spray is a high dose of magnesium oil which when applied topically gets absorbed into the skin and is a simple way to boost levels and feel better quickly.

The spray has a tacky or oily feeling to it that dries quickly.

1 oz glass bottle with a sprayer or 4 oz glass jar with metal lid.

Vegan. Cruelty-Free.


Magnesium chloride, Water, and Optional essential oils.


Spray on your body after a shower to start your day or prior to bedtime to help with relaxation and to naturally fall asleep quickly.

*You might experience some mild skin tingling when first starting a magnesium regimen, it subsides quickly and is a normal result of the magnesium content. Do not spray on broken skin, as it will sting.

More information: Click here for some additional details about Magnesium and its benefits.


Reuse or recycle glass bottle. This item is also part of our Take Back Program, more information here


Q: When do I use this?

A: Most people use it to promote sleep, prior to bedtime. You might also find relief from muscle tension or tension headaches by spraying directly onto the affected area (like calf or shoulder) as needed.

Q: Why would I use this product during the day if it promotes sleep?

A: Great question! This isn’t a tranquilizer, you won’t go from standing to sleeping within minutes of use and you likely won’t feel groggy when using during the day. Magnesium just helps to balance out your system naturally, so will relax muscles or reduce stress which in turn can promote sleep if you are in that environment.

Q: Anything else I should know?

A: DO NOT spray on open skin, like freshly shaved legs or very dry cracked skin. Magnesium is a salt and it will sting. If you learn the hard way as we did, rinse the area with water and apply an unscented moisturizer. The feeling is temporary and will subside quickly.

Customer Reviews

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M. (Hastings, MN)
Tired Feet? You need this!!

I am on my feet at art events all weekend and this spray truly helps my sore feet at the end of the night. I do notice a difference quickly and laying down after spraying really helps. I love the packaging and the eco mission of Sebesta! Highly recommend it to anyone who has to stand or be on their feet a lot. You won't regret buying it!