drunken bee soap
drunken bee soap

drunken bee soap

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When used in soap making, beer not only makes great lather, but it even has natural antibacterial properties. The hops and grains from the beer soothe and moisturize the skin. This soap, although no scent is added, has a warm sweet scent that will not leave you smelling like a brewery. The added honey gives this soap a moisturizing punch that is great for face, body and hair.

5 oz bar.



Coconut oil, Light lager beer, Lye and Local Minnesotan honey.


Use directly on skin and hair to cleanse and moisturize.

If using as shampoo: Wet hair and bar then rub bar in circular motion starting on top of head. As suds form, move throughout the rest of the hair to reach ends. Rinse and follow with leave in conditioner or natural apple cider conditioner mix. Apple Cider conditioner is a mix of (20/80) apple cider vinegar and water. Spray or pour on hair, and rinse - scent dissipates once dry.

Can also be used with your favorite shaving brush to create a frothy shaving cream.