Sebesta Apothecary Cedar Soap Tray Zero Waste
Sebesta Apothecary Cedar Soap Tray Zero Waste Stack
Sebesta Apothecary Cedar Soap Tray Zero Waste with Soap

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These handmade cedar soap trays will spruce up your kitchen or bathroom countertop while extending the life of your soap bar. Designed in partnership with a local Minnesota woodworker, these trays will allow the excess water to drain off the bar so it can dry between uses.

About 4" length x 4" width x 1" height.

Vegan. Cruelty-Free. Zero Waste. Handmade in MN.


Made using western red cedar from California, Oregon, and Washington. We choose this particular wood since it will hold up best due to its natural water-resistant properties. We enhanced the water resistance by adding a light coat of clear lacquer so it lasts even longer and prevents the wood from warping.


Place soap bar on soap tray after use and allow to dry. Rinse soap residue off the soap tray as needed.


This Soap Tray is compostable. Due to the length of compost time, industrial compost facility recommended.


Q: Will this help my soap bar last longer?

A: Yes, getting that bar of soap up off the counter and allowing it to dry between uses will extend the life of a natural bar of soap.

Q: My tray has some built-up soap on it, what should I do?

A: Use a brush or sponge and some warm water to scrub that soap residue from inside the grooves. Allow the tray to dry then place it back on the counter.