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shea lotion

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Shea butter is full of fatty acids and vitamins making it a great moisturizer for any type of skin. This limited ingredient product is super moisturizing and soaks in quickly leaving skin soothed and hydrated without feeling greasy.

2 or 4 oz glass jar.

Vegan. Palm oil Free. Cruelty-Free. Zero Waste.


Organic unfiltered shea butter and Optional essential oils.


Apply liberally to dry areas to soothe and soften skin.


Reuse or recycle glass jar. This item is also part of our Take Back Program, more information here.


Q: Is this lotion thick?

A: Yes, shea butter is pretty thick at room temperature, but warms up very quickly in warm hands.

Q: My lotion is oddly grainy, what happened?

A: It’s totally safe to use and can happen when it warms up and then cools off slowly. There is a more scientific explanation that involves the rate of cooling for different fatty acids… the short story is that it is a natural product with no preservatives so can often happen. To fix it gently warm the jar until everything is melted. Then quickly cool the container by putting it in to the fridge or freezer. Once cooled to a solid you should see the smooth texture again.

Q: Anything else I should know?

A: You are likely to scoop out more than you need, a little goes a long way!

Customer Reviews

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K.W. (Hopkins, MN)
Love this lotion!

My husband will only use this lotion. His work requires lots of handwashing and sanitizing which means dry,cracking skin which heals and softens with this incredible lotion. SO glad we discovered Sebesta! KIM is the just lovely as well! We place orders often. Quality is consistent! Ordering is so easy! And a tree planted too? Love!