1 Million Hand Washes

One Million Hand Washes: A COVID-19 Community Response

In early March, we decided to step up and provide free soap to communities in need during this critical time. 50 lbs of Community Bars later, we quickly realized that the need was much greater than we could tackle on our own. So we reached out to those who have supported us over the years and asked for sponsors so that we could continue to help. As of July 2020, have received over $1K in sponsorships that have gone directly to materials and overhead. Because of this, we’ve been able to donate almost 600 lbs of soap which is 1,894 bars, or over 852,480 hand washes!
OMHW update 7.15.20
Our Goal: 1 Million Hand Washes
During the course of this outreach, we’ve realized how powerful and important it is that we show up for our communities. Which is why we’re committed and excited to continue partnering with you and provide soap for our neighbors.

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Community Networks Supported

Many local families in Minneapolis & surrounding neighborhoods

Hamilton Manor Senior Housing
A Mother’s Love Initiative

 & A special thanks to our partners...

Al C.
Allegra A,
Amanda B.
Amanda W.
Andrea P.
Andy R.
Anga S.
Arica R.
Bre M.
Christine S.
Clare W.
Darren & Abby O.
Darren G
Dawn P.
Dennis & Fran O.
Devree B.
Diane K.

Elise C.
Elizabeth F.
Elizabeth O.
Elle H.
Erin M.
Erin R.
Felicia D.
Fraynke A.
Gabrielle C.
Heather V.
Heidi D.
Helena M
Helene B.
Holly H.
Holly R.
Jackie Y.
Janelle B.

Jennifer K.
Jill K.
Joan R
Jodi J.
Jody T.
Jolene P.
Jumi K
Karla W.
Karyn S.
Katherine W.
Kelli H.
Kelly K.
Krista H.
Kristen O.
Kristina F.
Laura D.
Laurie M.

Leticia E.
Maggie K.
Megan A.
Megan S.
Melissa W.
Mia C.
Michelle S.
Nicole L.
Paul W.
Paula O.
Rachael W
Rhonda S.
Rina H.
Shelley F.
Susie M.
Sydney R.
Tia S.
OMHW Small business sponsors