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Maskne: How to prevent and manage face mask caused acne

Covid regulations are starting to lighten up here locally as more people are getting vaccinated and the weather is getting nicer. As we safely and slowly get back into a more (new) normal routine, we are getting out a little bit more! This means wearing our masks more often and unfortunately for some of us, that can mean MASKNE!⁠

Yep, it sucks but long term mask wearing can often cause angry irritated skin, and even increase acne which is not cool!⁠

Here are some ways to help you say bye-bye to Maskne:⁠

  • When you get home, remove that mask and wash your face! Our favorite trouble skin face wash is our Charcoal Face Wash Bar. The activated charcoal removes impurities and deep cleans, but it also has clay which is soothing on trouble spots. The Teatree has antimicrobial properties to help get to the root cause of acne.
  • Avoid touching your face, especially when you are out and about and your hands aren’t clean. 
  • Try a spot treatment to target those pimples and avoid popping them. Our Everything Serum is perfect for this, it doesn’t dry your skin out either! 
  • Change your mask like you change your undies! The answer to both should be DAILY!⁠
  • Change your bath towel and pillow cases every few days⁠, it is surprising how quickly bacteria can build up on these surfaces and cause skin irritations. 
  • Lightly exfoliate face and neck weekly⁠. We have a Body Scrub mix that you can customize based on your skin’s needs. Remember to be very gentle when applying to your face. 
  • Use a light non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging) moisturizer. Often moisturizers that are limited ingredient and unscented are best, we have a Moisturizing Face Serum we like to recommend. 

Also, remember to give yourself a bit of a break. You are doing the right thing by wearing that mask! We are all in this together, this too shall eventually pass! ⁠

- Kim 

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