When it comes to ingredients - Less is more!

When it comes to ingredients - Less is more!

At Sebesta Apothecary, we believe that less is more. That's why we use only a limited number of high-quality ingredients in our products. We let our products speak for themselves, and we know that our customers appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of our formulas.

We also believe that it's important to use ingredients that are safe and gentle on the skin. That's why we avoid using harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and artificial fragrances. We also don't use any ingredients that are derived from endangered or threatened species (looking at you Sandalwood!)

We believe that our customers deserve to have the best possible products, and we're committed to providing them with safe, effective, and natural bath and body products. We hope you enjoy our limited ingredient line as much as we do!

NO Phalates
No Parabens
NO Fragrances
NO Palm Oil
NO Threatened or endangered ingredients
NO petroleum
NO artificial ingredients
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