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Video was right for Sebesta Apothecary - Does it make sense for your brand?

We recently worked with a local business, Uncommon Collaborative, to create a series of videos that will help to share our story more effectively in the virtual world. Their expertise is visual storytelling and Bre, the owner works through video and photo to capture the moments in a makers day that share their work and their ‘Why’ with customers in a way that isn’t pushy or salesy. 

I wanted to share a bit about how we identified the need for video content, the value for both maker and customer, our experience during the making process, and a few tips on how to prepare for your video shoot!

Why video? 
For the last year or so, we have been interested in doing a series of videos to help enhance our customers' experience. Often a text description or instructions are skipped or misunderstood. A video showing the process is worth 1,000 words! 
For us, many of our products have a bit of an education piece that goes along with the purchase. 
Uncommon Collaborative Video Clip Dish Soap

When face to face, it is quick and easy to run through the how-tos or best practices for each item making sure the customer is fully comfortable with the process. During an online transaction, or when receiving a gift those details are harder to share. Which is why a video series was the perfect solution for us!

Value to us and the customer

When a product is new to you, instructions and best practices result in less waste, and a better experience. Assumptions get us into situations that can have lackluster outcomes or result in frustration. When you have the confidence you are using a product correctly you are more likely to enjoy it and share it with others.

Experience making the video
I am not comfortable in front of a camera. I have no problem talking all day to a full room or even a good size crowd, but in front of a camera, I tend to look right into the lense, go into laughing fits or crack a nervous grin while trying to be serious. Yes - I have a really great blooper reel to prove it! Bre did her best to provide prompt questions and coach me through my awkwardness and while I wouldn’t say there is a career change in my future, I am definitely more comfortable! 

Once we hired Uncommon Collaborative, we started with a consultation to talk through our goals and why we thought video was the right format. We discussed the products we wanted to showcase, and how we expected to use the videos. Bre provided feedback on suggested video length, shot angles, and options to take my basic ideas about the videos to the next level. 

Based on the products we choose, I wrote out product descriptions, fun facts or stories, and the details on how to use the product so I had them all handy (remember - I clam up in front of a camera so notes were key!)

We worked with a friend who was comfortable modeling the products and worked with her to get action shots. And then I provided a brief description on camera to be used either as cut-ins or voice overs depending on the product (my part should have been quick but took just about as long as the modeling session… see blooper reel…)

Then Bre worked her magic! A few weeks after the shoot, she sent the first round of videos to review, with no edits, we approved and after some final touches, they were ready to post! 

Uncommon Collaborative Video Shower Soap BagTop 3 tips: 

To help makers who are wanting to work with someone to create video content
  • Find a good partner
    • Check out their previous work, does their style make sense for your business?
    • Do you feel comfortable enough to work through your giggles with this person? These things happen but a good videographer can work past that or around that to help you feel comfortable and still be real. In my case, it took me a bit to get through the giggles so there is A LOT of B-roll that was left on the cutting room floor (BLOOPER REEL!)
  • Elevator pitch
    • As a maker, you know the frequent questions and can deliver your elevator pitch in your sleep. Write it out on paper and use that as your starting point while describing both your brand and your product. 
  • Confidence
    • Show off your story, and why you feel your brand has value.
    • How are your products different and relevant to your customer? 
    • You know your ‘Why’ instinctively, but sometimes it is hard to explain. Work that out before the video shoot so you can clearly explain your passion and drive in a way that is concise and interesting to others. Your community genuinely wants to learn more about what drives you to create.

Did you find our new videos helpful? Did you learn anything new about your favorite product or does it make you want to try something new? Have you watched my favorite how-to videos about Herb Infused Honey Wash or Lash Serum yet? Let us know in the comments section below! 

- Kim 

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