hand tooled wood shave bowls
hand tooled wood shave bowls
hand tooled wood shave bowls

hand tooled wood shave bowls

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Beautiful hand-tooled wooden shave bowls, custom made just north of Minneapolis for Sebesta Apothecary. These bowls are made in slightly varied sizes and shapes, using multiple woods harvested from naturally fallen trees.

Each bowl is unique with slight variations in coloring, design and shape.

Vegan. Cruelty-Free.


Hand made using local Minnesota woods including Elm, Oak and Boxelder.

  • Hand-tooled bowls are made using single-source woods.
  • Premium hand-tooled bowls are made using multiple woods or more intricate designs.
  • Drop shave bar into the bottom of the bowl. Add a small splash of water to soap and begin to brush the bar to create foam. Continue brushing until you have enough of the thick lather to work with. Add a few additional drops of water if needed.
  • Apply lather to skin using the brush and shave as usual.
  • Once shaving is complete, pour out any excess water from the bowl, rinse the soap from the brush, shake off excess water and allow to dry bristles down for next use. Soap bar and bubbles remain in the bowl to dry, the lather will be reactivated with water during the next use.