Sebesta Apothecary Travel Soaps All Natural Eco Friendly Zero Waste

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These small soap pieces are a great way to impress your house guests with some fabulous soap without giving them a whole bar to use for only a few days. Give them a small one of their own! The thin cuts of soap are perfect for a weekend's worth of washing without all the waste. They also make great travel or camping soap when used with an Eco Soap Bag.

Each bundle is about 4 oz of a variety of soaps.

Palm oil Free. Cruelty-Free. Zero Waste.


Variety of high-quality Sebesta Apothecary soaps.


Work bar in wet hands to create lather, work the lather throughout hands and/or body. Rinse and dry with a clean towel.


Paper tag is recyclable or compostable, product and twine are compostable.


Q: Is it safe to share a bar of soap?

A: You betcha, there are several well-known studies you can read up on (Check our Soap Box Blog here) but the short of it is: Soap sanitizes itself, so you can share a bar with a friend and both of you will be just fine!

Q: Can I use this at the sink for hands too?

A: Yes, we call this soap a body bar but it is also perfectly fine for use at the sink to wash hands.

Q: Can you tell me which soaps I have in the bundle?

A: Sometimes! There are some soaps that are easy to distinguish from the others. Most of them though look the same and when bundled together the scents are hard to tell apart.