Sebesta Apothecary Herb Infused Honey Wash Chamomile Natural Face Wash
Sebesta Apothecary Herb Infused Honey Wash Lavender Natural Face Wash
Sebesta Apothecary Herb Infused Honey Wash Rose Natural Face Wash
Sebesta Apothecary Herb Infused Honey Wash Lavender Natural Face Wash In Use

herb infused honey wash

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Honey has many characteristics that make it a wonderful face wash and infusing with herbs adds to the benefits. Infused for a minimum of 60 days, this wash is naturally antibacterial which helps to reduce acne, and nourish troubled skin. Gently cleansing your skin and leaving a light moisture barrier behind, making it great for sensitive skin, that is normal to dry.

*Due to challenges with the availability of glass jars, you might receive this product in a different style jar, it will not affect the quantity of product or your price at all.

2 oz glass jar.



Raw and unfiltered MN native plant honey and Chosen herbs.


Scoop out a dime-size amount with fingers or spoon and rub into damp face, avoiding eyes. Rinse clean, pat dry, and follow with moisturizer if needed.


Reuse or recycle glass jar. This item is also part of our Take Back Program, more information here


Q: Does this really leave your face feeling clean?

A: Amazingly, yes! Honey is naturally antibacterial so gently cleans, but it is also a known humectant which means it locks in moisture.

Q: Isn’t honey super sticky?

A: Yes, but when you add a splash of water, it isn’t so unruly. So when rinsing from your face, use an abundance of water and that sticky-ness completely disappears. Just remember to rinse clean your chin, hairline, and wrists, or you will find a surprise sticky spot or two!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
S.O. (Atlanta, GA)
I love all your stuff,

I love all your stuff, good job!!

A.B. (Minneapolis, MN)
My favorite

I love this face wash. I have very sensitive dry/combination skin and this has done wonders for the appearance, and most importantly, comfort of my face.

K.O. (Minneapolis, MN)
Dry Skin Saver!

I absolutely love this product! Living in Minnesota, my skin is so dry in the winter and this has been such a lifesaver! I wash my face with the chamomile infused honey in the evening paired with the face serum. It has helped to keep my skin from getting red, irritated, and dry all winter long. Highly Recommend!