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For the adventure seeker on-the-go! Being outdoorsy doesn't mean you can't smell good and feel great. Take these favorites along on all of your backpacking, road-tripping and sightseeing adventures.

Collection contains 4 items:

1 - 4 oz Drunken Bee bar, all-in-one soap, cut into smaller travel friendly bars to wash hands, body and hair.
1 - 5 ml vial Itch Stop Serum to soothe bug bites.
1 - 1 oz Healing Balm to help promote healing of bumps, bruises and minor scrapes along the way.
1 - Shower Soap Bar, a mesh travel bag to ease the use of soap on the go.



  • Drunken Bee Soap:Coconut oil, Light lager beer, Lye and Local Minnesotan honey.
  • Itch Stop Serum:Sweet almond oil, Lavender and Peppermint essential oil.
  • Healing Balm:Coconut oil, Beeswax, Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary essential oil.

Drop a slice of the soap bar into the bag to easily wash hands, body or hair while camping. Itch Stop Serum and Healing Balm can be used during your adventures to reduce discomfort from outdoor mishaps and critters.


Q: Can I bathe in the lake/river/pond with your soaps?

A: Great question! There are a lot of interesting opinions on this topic. All of our soaps are biodegradable and all natural, so yes, in theory they are safe for use in lakes and rivers. The challenge comes when you look at the cleaning power of soap and how it affects the environment. With so many pollutants already affecting our water ways, soap is just one more thing that can alter the ecosystem in a negative way. One result of washing in water ways is that soap residue can cause algae blooms. So while yes you can wash with soap in lakes and rivers with biodegradable soaps we recommend avoiding it if possible. The best way to reduce your impact on the environment is to set up a wash/shower station at least 200 feet from the shore. Use a bucket of water to lather and rinse with.

**One more thing to remember - Never use an anti-bacterial soap or anything containing phosphorus in waterways!