Sebesta Apothecary Beard Collection - Beard Balm and Grooming Oil
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Can't decide if you (or you're dude) prefer using the beard balm or oil - DON'T! Save some money when you bundle and buy both! Use the oil for the days when your skin needs a little more love, and the balm when you are looking for a firmer hold. The light woodsy scent is pleasant and won't overpower your favorite cologne.

Collection contains:

  • 1 - 1 oz glass bottle with dropper of Grooming Oil
  • 1 - .5 oz metal tin of Beard Balm

Palm Oil Free. Grooming oil is vegan. Cruelty-Free.


Grooming Oil: Castor oil, Jojoba oil, Sweet almond oil, Cedarwood, and Siberian fir essential oils.

Beard Balm: Cocoa butter, Beeswax, Shea butter, Coconut oil, Castor oil, Juniper berry & Clove essential oils.


Use the Grooming Oil on days when you need some additional skin moisturizers. Applying throughout beard or mustache working from skin out through the hair. Switch to the Beard Balm when you need a stronger hold to keep those flyaway hair to a minimum.


Reuse or recycle metal tin and glass bottle. Both items are also part of our Take Back Program, more information here


Q: I just have a mustache, can I still use this?

A: Of course! The Grooming Oil is very moisturizing and the Beard Balm will help with flyaways and add a light hold.

Q: Do these come in other scents?

A: Yes, each are available in several scents, the collection is only offered in our most popular scents. If you are looking for other scents you can check out each product listing. Grooming Oil and Beard Balm

Q: Do you have an easy way to take these on the go?

A: We sure do! Tin Holders were custom made just for us, and hold both this .5 oz size as well as a 1 oz size tin.