bath salt saver
bath salt saver

bath salt saver

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Don't let your bath salts go to waste! These handmade clay discs work as natural desiccant packs, to reduce moisture and ensure your bath salts last as long as possible! 

Made exclusively for us by our friends at 8th Avenue Market right here in Minneapolis. These clay discs absorb any moisture that might collect in bath salts, dish powder or laundry powder due to humidity or accidental splashes. This extends the life of the product and reduces the risk of clumping. 

Cruelty-Free. Vegan.


Place a dry disc in powder and seal in airtight container. It will naturally absorb any excess moisture.


Q: Can these keep my dish powder from clumping?

A: Yes! This disc works like a desiccant pack using the natural properties of clay. Reduce moisture in all powder products!