Sebesta Apothecary Zero Waste Workshop Detox Mask Jar Bowl and Bamboo Spoon
Sebesta Apothecary Zero Waste Bath Salt Bio Bag and Bamboo Spoon
Sebesta Apothecary Zero Waste Workshop Lotion Jar Bowl
Sebesta Apothecary Zero Waste Workshop Detox and Moisture Masks Jars Bowls and Bamboo Spoons
Sebesta Apothecary Zero Waste Workshop Moisture Mask Jar Bowl and Bamboo Spoon
Sebesta Apothecary Zero Waste Workshop Face Wash Jar Bowl and Bamboo Spoon

1:1 creative workshop - virtual

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After purchase, we will work with you to schedule a quick consultation call and and virtual workshop. Additional details will be emailed prior to the workshop.

Workshop Description: Let's get creative during quarantine and have some fun! During this personalized workshop we will work with you to use items in your pantry to create something you can use for hair or body care. You will also learn why all-natural, food-grade items are a great alternative to incorporate into your beauty routine. Cost includes a custom recipe, virtual tutorial and demonstrations to make your one of a kind product. Our workshops are hands-on meaning that after watching Kim demonstrate the process, YOU become the maker!

*Please note, this purchase is intended for 1 participant per order. If you and a friend would like to join together, please purchase one order for each attendee.  

Workshop details: 

Virtual workshop method
Google Meet, link will be provided via email after purchase
Workshop length: Quick consultation call prior to 45 minute workshop
Make time outside of workshop: Varies based on product being made

This virtual workshop is intended to add excitement to your quarantine by using things in your home to create natural body care products. During a 1:1 virtual workshop we will cover:

  • Introduction to natural products
  • Personalized product recipe and making demonstration
    Preparing for class:
    • Come to our virtual meeting excited and open to learn.
    • Please wear old clothes in case of splatter.
    • Be aware that during demonstration you will be receiving safety instructions and guidance about the protective gear you should always wear (safety goggles, etc), and that in order to purchase you must accept and agree to our Workshop Waiver.

    Workshop Includes:

    • Quick consultation to review product goals and schedule the virtual workshop
      • What benefits are you looking for? 
        • Hair moisturizer, face mask, body scrub, foot soak? 
      • Do you have a special ingredient on hand you are excited to work with?
    • 1:1 virtual workshop will begin with a conversation about natural skin care. 
    • Recipe and live demonstration of how to make your own product.

    *Please note that while we will do our best to create you a custom product recipe that meets your needs and comfort level while having fun. These recipes will not have been through our rigorous testing trials that apply to all the products available for purchases on our site. 

    Cancellation Policy:

    • If you need to cancel or change our workshop date, please let us know at least 24 hrs in advance and we will do our best to reschedule.